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Whole: Hope for the Broken Pastor’s Wife

Whole: Hope for the Broken Pastor’s Wife

Is there hope for a messed-up pastor’s wife? She can’t figure out who she is or what she’s supposed to be doing, but she’s expected to be a leader in the church. What would happen if the truth came out-about how conflict and bitterness make her want to stay at home on Sunday mornings in her pjs and how her own struggles with anger are compounded by having a spouse who is never home?

This is a book for pastors’ wives and women in ministry leadership who struggle with their roles, their families, and their ministries.

“God loves me even when I fall short. He loves me when I succeed. He loves me because I am His. It’s been a long, hard lesson to learn, to believe deep in my soul that God made me unique and special. He made you that way too. No one else has the qualifications for the work He has planned for us. For me, it isn’t journalism, and I’m at peace with that. I’m off the hook. I’m just His. Wife, mother, writer, or pastor’s wife-it doesn’t matter; God loves me because I’m His daughter, not for any role I have. He feels the same way about you. He loves you for being you.”

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