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Short Bio

Jennifer Willcock is a writer of Into the Forest, a YA fantasy novel and the award-winning YA novel, Exit Stage Right. She is thrilled that her English degree is finally being put to good use. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two sons, and their pet rabbit, Ollie.

Long Bio

Jennifer Willcock is a writer, wife, mom and Jesus-follower. She writes clean, contemporary romance and fantasy, with a positive, hope-filled message for the YA genre.

Jennifer believes in the power of #STORY because stories can inspire change in someone’s life which can have a domino effect on so many other things and people.

For Jennifer, the power of #STORY is made up of three elements, which she tries to include in her writing:

  1. Be creative—use your imagination. Think outside the box.
  2. Find the beauty—tell beautiful stories even in the ugly. Stories of redemption, second chances and grace.
  3. Share stories—tell your story and listen to others. Community is a big part of the writing journey.

Jennifer loves to dance. She studied ballet for many years but she will dance to any kind of music.

She takes her coffee weak with a lot of milk along with any kind of pastry.

She lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and two sons along with our pet rabbit, Ollie.