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I launched my kickstarter today for Weight of the Crown. It’s live now! What is kickstarter? It’s a platform whose mission is to “help bring creative projects to life.” This is exciting for any creative who has given time, effort, and money to get their projects out there. We all need some help. How does it help bring these projects to life? By bringing creatives and people who want to support them, together. These supporters back projects by choosing reward tiers. In my case, people can back the project by choosing the ebook, paperback, or hard cover edition tier. There’s

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Why Fairy tales?

These childhood fables are rich in themes—of redemption, of good vs. evil, of selfishness, of kindness, of love—which is a writer’s dream.

Why Write Fiction?

Why do I write fiction? Once upon a time I considered myself a non-fiction writer exclusively because I didn’t think I had the imagination to

A Different Gift

Two weeks ago, my writing group held their annual writing retreat. It’s a getaway I look forward to every year. The cottage is right on

This Christmas…

It’s Christmas and all is merry and bright, right?  Maybe…or maybe not. As we close out another pandemic year, this Christmas may not be all

Why It’s Important to Remember

Why is it so important we remember on Remembrance Day?
Lest we forget. We think we won’t but all too often we do.