It’s Christmas and all is merry and bright, right?  Maybe…or maybe not. As we close out another pandemic year, this Christmas may not be all cheery and festive. It’s been a heavy autumn in our household. My Dad passed in November and then three days after his funeral, we had to put down our beloved pet rabbit, Whiskers. I don’t think I’ve even begun to process any of it.  Maybe you feel less than Christmas-sy this year too. It’s okay.  Perhaps this year you feel like celebrating which is awesome. Go and make it a brighter Christmas for someone else. 

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Why It’s Important to Remember

Why is it so important we remember on Remembrance Day?
Lest we forget. We think we won’t but all too often we do.

Lessons Learned on the Softball Diamond

Besides the love of the game, it’s the comradery, learning to play with teammates, and a sense of purpose that make playing a sport so invaluable.