Two weeks ago, my writing group held their annual writing retreat. It’s a getaway I look forward to every year. The cottage is right on the beach and I walk the sandy shores in the early morning and again later in the day.  Each retreat, I look for stones, especially heart shaped stones, because in years past, they were a message to me from God. Hearts are our thing.  Tuesday morning, I searched the ground but nothing jumped out at me. No heart shapes. Instead, I found feathers, which ironically did mean something to me after watching a movie the

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This Christmas…

It’s Christmas and all is merry and bright, right?  Maybe…or maybe not. As we close out another pandemic year, this Christmas may not be all

Why It’s Important to Remember

Why is it so important we remember on Remembrance Day?
Lest we forget. We think we won’t but all too often we do.

Lessons Learned on the Softball Diamond

Besides the love of the game, it’s the comradery, learning to play with teammates, and a sense of purpose that make playing a sport so invaluable.