Here’s a little bit about me. I’ve always told myself stories. As a kid, I didn’t sleep very well and so I’d make up stories about some of my favourite TV shows while I lay in the dark. It kept the monsters that I thought lurked under my bed, away. Once I grew up, I kept telling myself stories. I thought I’d be a journalist and tell other people’s stories but that didn’t work out and it took me a long time to figure out that I could tell my own stories. Thankfully, I did finally!

I love to read, especially young adult fiction – romance, fantasy and mystery are my favourites. I really love a good twisted fairy tale. Some really good YA authors I’ve read are Elly Blake, Alwyn Hamilton, Jennifer Barnes and Ally Carter. If you haven’t read them, go check them out when you get a chance.

I belong to the Writer’s Guild of Canada and the MOPS Network of Speakers because it’s always good to be part of a community.

Besides reading and writing, I love to dance. I studied ballet growing up through the Royal Academy of Dance during my teen years and into adulthood. I was a late starter but I didn’t let it stop me and I had some awesome, generous teachers who let me take extra classes. I’ve taught lessons in private and community settings and choreographed productions for my church over the years. 

I have two teen sons and I’m married to my biggest cheerleader, Mark. He’s also a pastor. I work in a library part-time which is the perfect job for me!

We have a super cute  pet dwarf rabbit, Whiskers, who likes to sit at my feet when I write at the dining room table. You can find me on social media on Instagram @jenniferwillcock or check out my author page @wholePW on Facebook or @jenwillcock on Twitter.

A few fun facts:

Cat or Dog? Dog definitely.

Pizza or Steak? Pizza

Salt or Sweet? Salt

Tea or coffee? Both

Winter or Summer? Winter. I know weird right? Hate the heat though.

Fav colour? I like many colours but I’m partial to the blue/green of the colour wheel.

Fav book? One True Thing by Anna Quinlan, Heir of Fire by Sara J. Maas

Thanks for hanging out with me,


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