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Why Kickstarter?

I launched my kickstarter today for Weight of the Crown. It’s live now!

What is kickstarter?

It’s a platform whose mission is to “help bring creative projects to life.” This is exciting for any creative who has given time, effort, and money to get their projects out there. We all need some help.

How does it help bring these projects to life?

By bringing creatives and people who want to support them, together. These supporters back projects by choosing reward tiers. In my case, people can back the project by choosing the ebook, paperback, or hard cover edition tier.

There’s even a reward tier for book clubs. And Into the Forest is available as a hard cover for the first time ever. As a backer, you get to choose how much you want to fund as well as the opportunity to get Weight of the Crown before it officially releases.

Success depends on word of mouth and sharing links to campaigns. The more it’s shared the better the chances to fund the project and for backers to unlock those stretch goals—which are added bonuses. Think presale gifts.

This sharing expands the readership for books which particularly excites me. I believe in my stories so for the chance to reach more readers? Yes please!

On a business level, I think this is a fascinating way to fund a project on the creative end but also on the backer’s end as well. I’ve backed six projects and it’s fun to get swag in the mail or digitally. It feels good to help someone bring their dreams to life. It’s the feeling you get for supporting local only this time it’s supporting creatives globally or locally depending on  your location.

So that’s a quick summary of why I chose to do a Kickstarter campaign. Am I going to launch Weight of the Crown later in wide release?

Absolutely. But if you want to read about what happens to Teo and Rider before anyone else, go check out my kickstarter. Here’s the link: 

I want to take a minute and thank you for reading my books and telling your friends about my stories. I couldn’t do this thing I love—write hope-filled stories—without you. Thank you.