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When Hard Work Pays Off

My husband is home on holidays this week…

Some of you may be thinking “how nice”.  Others may have taken a sharp intake of breath.  Yeah that breath choked me on the way out!  I freaked last week when I was reminded that he was on holidays this week!  It’s not that I mind having him home but I had planned for the next three weeks to be busy working on a writing project and preparing for a writing conference that is uncomfortably close!  I had planned on quiet.  No distractions.  He quickly reassured me he was going to do some gardening and painting.  He would be out of my hair.  (The guy deserves a medal!)

It’s been okay.  I’m on a deadline so I’m a bit more focused than usual.  Fear is a good thing when it works to motivate you!  It’s been nice weather so Mark’s been out in the yard, working hard.  He loves gardening so it’s somewhat therapeutic for him.


I was out last night admiring his hard work.  The gardens are coming along.  It takes time.  Last year he removed a couple of ugly shrubs and it’s made a big difference this year.  Some of the plants that were underneath them are now blossoming in the freedom of sunlight and air.  We can see as we back out of our driveway better than before!  (Who puts shrubs and trees along the sightline of a driveway?!)

He’s planted some perennials (plants that come back year after year.  I only know this because he’s had to tell me this every year for the last ten years!). They have come up again bigger and better.  Some died over the long harsh winter but most came through.

He’s also planted some pretty annuals (flowers that you have to plant every year).  They look awesome!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will remain in tact and out of growing boys’ feet as they run across the yard!

As spring is in full swing now and summer close on its heels, it marvelous to see the rebirth and growth in the world around us.  It reminds me of the growth in my heart over the last few years.  It’s been a journey of growth and rebirth.  Can you see it in your own heart?  A continual feeding of God’s word into our hearts and lives brings lush green growth if we apply it, practice it.  Obey Him even when we want to resist.  Why do we resist?

Understanding truth in the Word and in my life, has birthed confidence, belief in good things and the ability to dream again.  What kind of growth have they brought in your life?  These things weren’t easily won as you know.  Each was a battle well fought.  For the new to grow, other weedy things needed to be pulled because they were ugly.  Bad habits, lies.  They needed to die.  They stunted growth and wouldn’t let the fruit come forth.


When we fail to do the work, the weeds start to come back.  For me, the temper gets shorter.  Panic starts to flood in.  I get sharp and thorny.  The boys take cover, afraid the thunder is going to roll, because sadly, in the past, it has.  What about you?

Maintenance is essential.  I have been reminded of that this week because I haven’t been tending to the garden of my heart.

Yesterday I said to God, “This is all overwhelming. Give me the direction to move and then give me the courage to follow it”.  Then in my head I added the hashtag #inovermyhead.  (God understands hashtags too!)  At the moment it was more about my project but today I’m realizing that it’s actually about life.  We all feel in over our heads at times!


Reassurance that the work I’ve put into the last few years have brought me to this place today, chases away the fear.  God is in control and has been leading me to this moment.

What about you?  I would love to hear how hard work, obedience has paid off in your life.  Leave a comment and tell me about it.