The Prodigal

The mood is festive, people laughing and singing. The table is laden down with the best meats, cheeses and side dishes. There’s a chocolate fountain in the corner with fruit to dip. A family celebration - not a wedding but a prodigal returned home.  The term prodigal has many connotations, some are negative but not … Continue reading The Prodigal

Turn Home

Home. What is your reaction to that word? I imagine there are as many different responses as people reading this blog. What got me thinking about home was the study of the prodigal and a very poignant scene in a book I read a few months back. The prodigal ran away from his home.  He … Continue reading Turn Home

The Return of the Prodigal

“Once something breaks, you can never put it back together like it was. There will always be cracks and glue, stains and uneven surfaces.” Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake The prodigal has been on my mind for several months. I researched the story and spoke about it at a spring retreat. Since it was … Continue reading The Return of the Prodigal