Raising Up Daniels in a Babylonian World

As my husband’s been speaking on Daniel the last couple of weekends, I’ve been reminded how relevant Daniel still is in 2018. Mark’s tag line the first week was: “When we stand firm, we will stand out; and God will help us stand up!” Automatically my thoughts went to our sons who are just entering their … Continue reading Raising Up Daniels in a Babylonian World

Why Good Manners Matter

This morning as I went to enter a coffee establishment, a young teen was just a couple of steps ahead of me. He surprised me by holding the door open for me and letting me pass through first. He wasn’t much more than fifteen. I thanked him and walked in. He left a positive impression … Continue reading Why Good Manners Matter

Raising BRAVE Boys

My home is a battlefield.  If the boys are home, you will hear sounds of battle as Lego robots and mini-figs fight it out in their ships and cars.  My youngest son has mastered the sounds of rapid gunfire and other explosions.  Just the other day, a playmate was over and as they had a … Continue reading Raising BRAVE Boys