A Map for New Year’s

Happy 2018! It’s the start of a new year and people have been making plans, choosing words and verses, making resolutions for this next year. It’s all good stuff but what I really want for this new shiny year? A map. A map to show me how to navigate the year 2018 because at the … Continue reading A Map for New Year’s

TURNING BACK: Finding What I Thought I’d Lost

The year ended, leaving me, with a surprise. I know it’s now the new year and we are supposed to be looking forward but before I do, I need to TURN BACK to the old year for a minute. I need to process something I wasn’t expecting. I found Christmas this year. I thought it … Continue reading TURNING BACK: Finding What I Thought I’d Lost

One Word (for 2016)

New year. New word. I was waffling about choosing a word this year. Wasn’t sure I’d get one. Maybe it was more that I didn’t want to sit still long enough to hear it. It was tempting to run from it. The whole word thing for me is more of an exercise in seeing from … Continue reading One Word (for 2016)

BRAVE Not-so-New World

Happy New Year!  I hope you have had a great celebration over the last couple of weeks.  I took a little time off.  I hope you had the chance to do likewise.  However it’s back to school, back to work and back to routine.  So here I sit. I’m not sure I really want to … Continue reading BRAVE Not-so-New World

The Day After Christmas

December 26th.  The day after Christmas.  The presents unwrapped.  The turkey eaten.  The day we spend a month preparing for is over.  It was a quiet Christmas here at the Willcock house.  I wasn’t sure I’d like it quiet.  (Quiet being a relative term with two boys in the house, nerf guns and assorted superhero … Continue reading The Day After Christmas