Treasures from a Trip of Remembrance

(Before you read the blog, I just want to draw your attention to the beautiful header on my site and the logo you've been seeing.  A huge thank you goes to my very talented friend, Ben Guse who designed it for me!  I love it!  Thank you Ben!) Now here's the blog: I was on a quest this morning. The … Continue reading Treasures from a Trip of Remembrance

A Beautiful Life

It’s one of the hazards of being married to someone who’s job requires you to move around a lot. It’s also a blessing. You meet a lot of people. The problem being, you only get to spend so much time with them and then, you move on. So do they. That’s life. But these last … Continue reading A Beautiful Life

TURN Things Around

Family is where your story begins. The sign was on the mantle at the cottage I stayed at a couple of weeks ago. I have a similar saying posted in my kitchen area. Instead of family, it says Home is where your story begins. Either way, the meaning is the same. Our homes, our families, … Continue reading TURN Things Around

Journey To Hope

Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen or want something to happen or be the case. (taken from Google online dictionary) What are you hoping for? Who or what do you put your hope in? I heard somewhere that the absence of hope equals despair. If you have no hope, there … Continue reading Journey To Hope

The Lie of Dystopia

It’s no secret I love to read.  I once heard a Christian writer speak a number of years back and her advice was to read and read and read some more.  She encouraged us to read everything under the sun.  At the time she was reading Stephen King. One of the genres I love is … Continue reading The Lie of Dystopia

How Hope Trumps Fear

Thirteen years ago, the world became a very different place.  More fearful.  And yet, braver. This anniversary is always a jumble of emotions for me.  The horrific events of September 11, 2001 were bookended by terrible tragedies happening in my own personal space.  Death and sadness had already invaded our homes the weekend before and … Continue reading How Hope Trumps Fear

The Whisper of Hope When It All Seems Black

There are days, seasons where it seems that the darkness outweighs the light.  A good friend and I have been talking over the last couple of days.  She said, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  She’s right but it doesn’t make the world any less crazy, scary.  Hard to understand. Sickness, war, cancer, death, … Continue reading The Whisper of Hope When It All Seems Black

A Year Later…

A little family update.  A few months back I blogged as a guest on Mark's blog, about moving the boys to a new private school. The decision was the result of a year and a half of struggle, bullying by both students and teachers, and academic boredom at the old school. As a flipped through … Continue reading A Year Later…