TURN to that Echo

Lately, God’s been trying to get my attention. He may have been trying for more than a while, but it’s now hard to ignore. Because it’s so obvious and blatant. My experience with God has mostly been gentle, subtle nudges. As I write that, I am surprised. Because of late, I may not have described … Continue reading TURN to that Echo

TURN: To Being Intentional

It's been a while.  Vacation brings a new chaos and a new normal which isn't always conducive to writing.  I think my brain took a vacation too but today I felt like writing.  I hope you enjoy.  You'll also notice that we've been changing things up here.  We are still under construction so to speak and … Continue reading TURN: To Being Intentional

Heart-shaped Perfectionism

As I walked along the beach, I kept my eyes open for heart-shaped stones. I was looking for a perfect one. Well actually, I was waiting for God to give me a perfect one. It’s our thing. I had spoken the weekend before about the prodigal daughter. How that prodigal is the Beloved. Even after … Continue reading Heart-shaped Perfectionism

What about that Book?

We are a house of readers. Three of us read voraciously. The fourth likes to read but it’s hit and miss. He loves to start a book or series, it’s another thing to finish it. On occasion, he’ll find a book that once he starts reading he just can’t put down. This is what happened … Continue reading What about that Book?

Love Scared

I am continually amazed at what deep themes lie waiting to be discovered in young adult fiction.  (Now if you aren't a fan of YA fiction, don't leave just yet because there's more here than you realize.)  I recently read Katie Parker Productions, a series of books, by Jenny B. Jones. There were four books … Continue reading Love Scared

TURN to Vulnerability

Vulnerability 1. The state of being vulnerable or exposed. Type of danger 2. Susceptibility to injury or attack. Type of weakness (according to vocabulary.com) This week I was doing some research for another writing project, and it had me reviewing notes from a Beth Moore Pastors’ Wives conference I attended back in 2009 in Nashville. … Continue reading TURN to Vulnerability

TURN to Trust

She knew that the Lord would provide the strength to accomplish His purpose. Redlettersigns.com I finally emptied and put away some goodies I had gotten at a conference. I'd looked through it previously but had not done anything with it except separate the books out and then everything got shoved back in the bag to … Continue reading TURN to Trust

TURNING TO: Something New

My boys are off skiing today with their school. It’s an annual field trip for the senior grades. They have never skied. My husband grew up near Quebec and skied a lot. We lived in a very flat area for most of their lives and it hasn’t been a priority since we moved. So they … Continue reading TURNING TO: Something New

The Invitation of Wide Open Spaces

When trouble surrounded me, I cried out to the Eternal; He answered me and brought me to a wide, open space.   Psalm 118:5-6 The Voice  We finally took down our Christmas tree. We left it up much later this year than is usual for us. We were savouring the lights in the early mornings and evenings. … Continue reading The Invitation of Wide Open Spaces

When the Faith of Your Childhood is Not Enough

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve heard what a deadly week the last seven days have been. I started last week by reading about a singer, with stage four cancer. She’s forty and has a toddler. She’s gone into palliative care. Then there was the pastor’s wife who was shot in the head and … Continue reading When the Faith of Your Childhood is Not Enough