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Sometimes there is just too much to keep track of when you have kids. There are days that just keeping up with the library books

The Swing Set

There are things disappearing from our lives. Over the last thirteen years they’ve moved in and made themselves at home. Now some are MIA. Gone.

I Love You More Than…

I picked up this sign at our grocery store around Valentine’s Day. It says: I love you more than… I thought it was cute and

What about that Book?

We are a house of readers. Three of us read voraciously. The fourth likes to read but it’s hit and miss. He loves to start

Love Scared

I am continually amazed at what deep themes lie waiting to be discovered in young adult fiction.  (Now if you aren’t a fan of YA

The Hidden

If you kill the good girl, then you at some point, you have to figure out the girl who is left behind. It’s a lot

TURN to Vulnerability

Vulnerability 1. The state of being vulnerable or exposed. Type of danger 2. Susceptibility to injury or attack. Type of weakness (according to This

That Weird Girl #BellLetsTalk

I always thought I was just weird. That weird kid. A total spaz. It was a lie. But I believed it wholeheartedly. That’s why I

TURN to Trust

She knew that the Lord would provide the strength to accomplish His purpose. I finally emptied and put away some goodies I had gotten

TURNING TO: Something New

My boys are off skiing today with their school. It’s an annual field trip for the senior grades. They have never skied. My husband grew

The Invitation of Wide Open Spaces

When trouble surrounded me, I cried out to the Eternal; He answered me and brought me to a wide, open space.   Psalm 118:5-6 The Voice  We

One Word (for 2016)

New year. New word. I was waffling about choosing a word this year. Wasn’t sure I’d get one. Maybe it was more that I didn’t

Mary’s Faith

It’s only a few days until Christmas.  The grass is greener than it is in summer, it’s been raining for days and the sky lightens

The Demise of the Good Girl, Part 2

I killed her. It had come down to either her or me. I’m a survivor so I choose me and stomped her into oblivion. Her

What It Means to Live BRAVE

The other night I was watching one of those made for tv holiday movies that causes my husband’s eyes to roll and the words “chick

Telling the Truth

“Be on your guard against men; they will hand you over to the local councils and flog you in their synagogues. On my account you

When Silly is Significant

Sometimes what seems silly in life is actually significant. I rode an elevator fifteen floors by myself a month back. It wasn’t one of those

BRAVE: What I Learned from Failing

“The truth is that falling hurts.  The dare is to keep being brave and feel your way back up.”  Brene Brown, Rising Strong It might

Wrestling With Community

I cry when I read the Acknowledgement page in a book. I know it’s weird. Most people, if they are going to cry, sniffle at