The Beauty of Unique

Some people think I’m crazy because I like winter. There’s something magical about snow, especially the first snowfall. It falls like a blanket over the

Three Years Later…

Cinder458: Your blogaversary is coming up, right? (From Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram) I was reminded today by my host site, it’s been three

Turn Home

Home. What is your reaction to that word? I imagine there are as many different responses as people reading this blog. What got me thinking

The God Who Sees Us

No one ever told me that motherhood would be lonely. How could we possibly feel alone with kids hanging off our bodies, a constant dull

The Hard Choices that Build a Home

This fall has been a series of hard decisions. Choices for good things and others, not so great. Some have been parenting decisions, others personal.

TURN to Thankfulness

It takes courage to be thankful. I think I read that somewhere recently. It’s the week leading up to Thanksgiving here in Canada. I’m noticing

Treasures from a Trip of Remembrance

(Before you read the blog, I just want to draw your attention to the beautiful header on my site and the logo you’ve been seeing.  A huge thank you

Every Little Thing

“It’s been one of those days. A twenty-four hour period that was an emotional rollercoaster. The kind that leave you feeling nauseated, breathless and wind-whipped.

A Beautiful Life

It’s one of the hazards of being married to someone who’s job requires you to move around a lot. It’s also a blessing. You meet

TURN to that Echo

Lately, God’s been trying to get my attention. He may have been trying for more than a while, but it’s now hard to ignore. Because

TURN to Winsomeness

When did the world get so mean? I mean I know it’s nasty but at the same time, it’s been in my face lately. Probably

The Return of the Prodigal

“Once something breaks, you can never put it back together like it was. There will always be cracks and glue, stains and uneven surfaces.” Suffer

TURN: To Being Intentional

It’s been a while.  Vacation brings a new chaos and a new normal which isn’t always conducive to writing.  I think my brain took a vacation

TURN: To Kindness

It’s 4pm on a Friday afternoon. We are two weeks into summer vacation. I’m already thinking this is going to be a looong summer. The

To Selfie or Not To Selfie

Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s that I was raised in a different generation by a different generation. Maybe it’s my personality. Maybe it’s the

TURN: To Myself This Summer

Summer’s coming. Ominous words for those of us who quake at the thought of summer vacation. I’m not one of those parents who love summer.

Heart-shaped Perfectionism

As I walked along the beach, I kept my eyes open for heart-shaped stones. I was looking for a perfect one. Well actually, I was

TURN Things Around

Family is where your story begins. The sign was on the mantle at the cottage I stayed at a couple of weeks ago. I have

How He Loves Us

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking at our church’s women’s retreat. I’ve been busy preparing and haven’t really


Sometimes there is just too much to keep track of when you have kids. There are days that just keeping up with the library books

The Swing Set

There are things disappearing from our lives. Over the last thirteen years they’ve moved in and made themselves at home. Now some are MIA. Gone.

I Love You More Than…

I picked up this sign at our grocery store around Valentine’s Day. It says: I love you more than… I thought it was cute and