I thought it was dead but I was wrong.  On the stalk where I’d cut a head of lettuce a few days before, new leaves were shooting up. I had no idea lettuce did that. Amazing.  As I stared at the mini resurrection, I was reminded that, often times, we mirror what I was witnessing … Continue reading Pruning

How to Get to December’s Destination

I didn’t set out this year to have a resolution or Word for the year. Like I said in an earlier post, I would rather a map. Surprisingly that desired map has morphed from the devotional book, Daily Power by Craig Groeschel. In the devotional for January 2, Groeschel writes, “One small decision today could … Continue reading How to Get to December’s Destination

Day 1

Ministry. Marriage. Motherhood. There have been times I wasn’t sure I’d survive them. Sometimes they come together in a tsunami of life and I think I’m going to go right under. Not a positive way to start the new year is it? Especially if it’s one filled with promise. Or maybe it’s already started on … Continue reading Day 1