What Have You Learned Lately?

“So many things were impossible, until they weren’t.” Jennifer Donnelly, Sea Spell This weekend I’m attending a workshop, hosted by a friend and one of the things she asked us to come prepared to talk about is learning a new skill. Negative Nelly that I am, I thought, “I have not learned anything new.” Until … Continue reading What Have You Learned Lately?

BRAVE: Owning Up

Do you ever have those days when you feel numb?  When you’d rather just go on doing what your doing and forget everything else? I’m not feeling particularly brave today.  Today, brave would mean owning up.  It would mean taking a hard look at stuff I’m quite comfortable keeping in the dark.  I’m avoiding doing … Continue reading BRAVE: Owning Up

Why We Need to Declutter

Moving places or houses is a very difficult time.  Even it you want to move, it’s still stressful.  The one big plus I always enjoy is the purge that comes with packing up.  You can’t put it off.  It has to be done.  Having made a major move at least five times in the last … Continue reading Why We Need to Declutter