The Celebration of Christmas

Two weeks until Christmas.  Are you freaking out yet?  I am not. That’s not to brag.  It’s more a statement of pleasant surprise. Other years I was overwhelmed and ready to hide out somewhere.  It’s not that this Christmas season is any different.  In fact I am planning a birthday party for next week.  The.week.before.Christmas. … Continue reading The Celebration of Christmas

Mary’s Faith

Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.    Luke 1:45 Reading my Advent Devotional by Margaret Feinberg this morning, I came across this verse.  It burned into my mind. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was exceptional.  Told she would have a child, although she was a virgin … Continue reading Mary’s Faith

Where Advent and Christmas Really Reside

About this time of year, I usually feel like a failure.  Advents and Christmases past, have passed me by like a race car, leaving me in their little wisps of dust.  Gone before I could even get a handle on it. For many years, I haven’t enjoyed the Advent or Christmas season.  I felt overwhelmed … Continue reading Where Advent and Christmas Really Reside

The Lie of Dystopia

It’s no secret I love to read.  I once heard a Christian writer speak a number of years back and her advice was to read and read and read some more.  She encouraged us to read everything under the sun.  At the time she was reading Stephen King. One of the genres I love is … Continue reading The Lie of Dystopia