5 Minute Fridays: Still

5 Minute Fridays is when a blogging community comes together to write about one word.  For 5 minutes.  No editing.  No rephrasing.  Nothing to make it better.  It’s a great writing exercise!  Today’s word is STILL.


Ready!  GO!

Still.  In the still of the night.  Last night as I lay awake it came to me there are many stills of the night.

Some nights the stillness of it is welcomed.  Especially as a new mom, once the kiddos were in bed the still hours were peaceful.  I could get a bit of time to gather my sanity!  I could do something for myself.  Like get some sleep.

Other times the still of the night is like being in a sailboat with no wind.  Absolutely still.  No movement.  Not even a slight breeze.  You wait for anything.  Any sign of life.  You are in wait mode.  And nothing is happening. All you can do is wait in the stillness.

Then there is the early morning stillness when there is an expectancy for the day.  Waiting in the quiet for something good.  It’s time to move and see and experience life.  There is joy in this stillness.  Waiting in hopeful expectation.  Everything spread open before you.  The world at your feet.

Stillness is good.  It may not always seem so but it’s a time to regroup.  To rethink.  To wait and expect.  And through it all God is with us in the stillness.  He may not seem like he is but he is.  And still He loves us.  In the stillness.  In the wait.  In the expectations.


5 Minute Fridays: because

(It’s where a group of bloggers write for 5 minutes on a word prompt given by Kate Motaung.  This is my first crack at it so we’ll see!)



So let’s do this!  Go!

Because I can!  Typically I was a I can’t kind of girl.  I want to be a person who does because I can!

I can do whatever I want because I am powerful.

I can do whatever I dream because I am loved.

I can do whatever is best for me and my family because I am free to make that choice.  Nothing inhibiting me but me.

I can do because I am loved.

I can dance because I hear music.

I can write because I want to.

I can be a good mom because that is what I was chosen for.

I can be a good wife because he loves me.  I can choose the better because I want to be better rather than it be easy.

I can do whatever because I have the freedom to do so.  To say yes.  To say no.  To run.  To walk.  To dance.  To leap.

I can because it’s really up to me anyways.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  I will not cower or put my head in a ditch.  I will do because I can.  I am brave because He died for me.

I can because…..