“Jen’s willingness to bare the depths of her heart, in her life successes and perceived failures, made her time with us both intimate and inspiring. As she spoke she touched on points in her own life that made her relatable and encouraged our group (of young moms) with very important message of “You are not alone”. Jen expertly intertwined a message of Hope with personal stories that rang true in our own lives and sent us home uplifted and inspired in who we are as moms, women, friends and ultimately children of God. ”  Sheena, MOPS Co-ordinator, HPAC, Windsor


“The strongest message I got was that we are human, we make mistakes, it is okay to own them and ask for help. The pride, healing and motivation we receive from taking on great struggles is so much of a reward. That was clear to me in her sons poem.”  A MOPS Mom, HPAC, Windsor

“I loved how real and authentic she was.”  A MOPS Mom, Windsor


Photo Credit: Emilie Temple


Speaking Topics

The Writing Process: I love talking about writing and how I wrote a book or two. Each experience was very different. I would love to come speak at your book club, school or event about the writing – it’s challenges and it’s rewards.

God’s Girl: An in-depth look at the Prodigal “Daughter”.  There are 4 sessions that are perfect for a retreat or they can be adapted to a shorter time frame.

Passing the Baton:We all have a responsibility to pass on the baton of faith.  What does that look like for us as parents, grandparents and singles.  This is a 30-40 minute message.

Live Loved: As mothers, we sometimes love our kids more than ourselves.  It is vital that we learn to take care of ourselves and love ourselves first so we can become better parents. This is a single session 30-40 minute message.

Discipling vs. Disciplining our Children: A look at discipling our children and how it affects not just them but us as parents as well.  This is a single 30-40 minute message.

The Pastor’s Family: This message is for ministry couples especially is they are engaged or just starting out.  An indepth look of what ministry can look like, both the good and the bad, and how it affects the whole family.

Psalm 139: My personal testimony.  This is a 40 minute message.

If you have a certain scripture or topic in mind other than what is listed, I would be happy to discuss writing a new message.  Please contact me for more information.

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