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My Top 10 YA Books of 2020

It’s been a year obviously, but if there is a silver lining it’s all the extra reading time that a lockdown brings. Did you make a dent in your TBR pile? Or did it keep growing? I made a dent but just as it dwindled, I added more. It’s a challenge working in a library. I seem to have a habit of bringing home books like stray cats.

I did meet my Goodreads goal of 125 books this year in November so anything extra is bonus. As a writer, this is research. If you want to write you must read. That’s the truth and it’s one truth I don’t mind hearing. 

I always like to find out what others are reading. Staring at a shelf full of books can be daunting. So here are ten of my favourite YA books that I read in 2020 in no particular order. All of these books are for the general market and may (or may not) have language or mature content so be forewarned. I like books with sassy protagonists and swoony guys but also digs into a deeper issue that leaves me thinking about it long after I’m done the book. And some were just plain fun to read and made me laugh out loud.

1. The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen

I love Dessen because she writes out of the box. You never know quite how it’s going to end and she always gives you things to think about. This is her latest (2019). I always look forward to a new Dessen book.

2. Throw Like A Girl by Sarah Henning

Henning is a new to me author. Loved this book because the protagonist is feisty. She’s an elite athlete and plays both soccer and football. Yes plese—I love a good sports story. This was both fun and deep as it delved into sport injury. My favourite kind of book. 

3. By The Book by Amanda Sellet

This book made me laugh out loud and it had many tie-ins to the classics. Many of which I had to read when I got my English degree. Really fun. Don’t read in public is you snort when you laugh out loud.

4. Every Other Weekend by Abigail Johnson

This was an interesting concept and again had some really great deeper issues that the author delves into. This is the second book by Johnson that I’ve read and I really like her stories. 

5. A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast! This was a page turner and if you love a good retelling this is a must. I finished book Y2 and am eagerly awaiting book 3. 

6. The Silence Between Us by Alison Gervais

This book’s protagonist was deaf and it was a huge learning curve to read this book for me. Eye-opening to say the least. There needs to be more books like this one. 

7. Kasie West, author

Anything by Kasie West is good and I’ve read most of her books in the past year. She’s my go to for a good fun read. 

8. When It’s Real by Erin Watt

A rock star and a fake relationship. What more can you want? It was fun and I enjoyed it so much, I searched out her other books. 

9. The Other Side of Lost by Jessi Kirby

A story about loss and finding oneself out in the wilderness. This book made me want to take up hiking and camping. I actually looked up the John Muir Trail she hikes. Really great story. Again I looked up her other books.

10. Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo

I like learning new things and this book introduced me to world of K-Pop which was fascinating. It takes place in Hong Kong too which was fun to travel when we can’t travel. I actually googled some of the food she writes about. Don’t read when hungry. A fun story. 

This is just ten of many good reads this year. Happy Reading!