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Five Minute Fridays: Turn

Five Minute Fridays is a community of bloggers who write for five minutes on one word.  That’s all you get.  Set the time and write for five minutes.  It’s a good writing exercise.  So here it is.  Unedited.  (except spelling – I couldn’t seem get my fingers to the right keys!)  Take it with a grain of salt.  The word today is Turn.


Ready?  Go!


Turn.  In a dancer’s world, there are many twists and turns.

Turns can set you in a different direction.

Turns can also be a pirouette.  It’s one of the coolest dance moves ever.  It’s also one of the hardest.  It takes focus.

To execute a properly turned pirouette one must find a spot to look at and stay focused on it.  It’s actually called spotting.  Your eyes stay on that spot the whole time and when you turn you bring your eyes right back to that spot.  If you stray you will lose your balance, fall off your pointe and out of your pirouette.

It also keeps you from getting dizzy.  If you spot you will be able to turn your pirouette.  Properly spotting also keeps your body up and not tilting.  Turning in ballet is like a perfect storm of body, mind and spotting coming together and creating beauty.

Keeping your eyes on Jesus is like spotting.  He is our focal point.  If we keep our eyes on him, we don’t get unbalanced by all the stuff in our lives.  We don’t get dizzy in the whirlwind that is our lives.  We stay on top of our pointe.  We are focused on the spot that never moves.  That never changes.  It gives us balance.  It creates beauty in our lives.  It is an eternal pirouette.