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Face Off

“Jennifer Willcock perfectly laces fierce and flawed characters into a story of self-worth, love, and reflections on the world of competitive athletics.”

Tara K. Ross, author of Fade of White and cohost of The Hope Prose Podcast

She’s an elite ballerina. He’s an NHL prospect. After years of hard work, their dreams are within reach. Both want to win. Both feel they still have much to prove.

Is dance a sport? Tristan Kelly doesn’t think so but Shelby Wright is determined to prove him wrong.

Sparks fly as Shelby and Tristan face off at an elite sports camp. Skills are tested, scores are ruined or raised, and tempers flare as they canoe, ball handle, and run obstacle courses, in a series of athletic challenges.

Electricity crackles between them but romance is out of the question—they have dreams to chase. Distractions aren’t an option. One summer could raise their game or ruin everything.

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