Book Club Questions

  1. Exit Stage Right is a loose retelling of the prodigal in modern times. In what ways is Coco a modern day prodigal? 
  2. What character did you relate to the most and why?
  3. Shelby felt threatened by Coco’s presence at Spencer School of the Performing Arts and by her relationship with Eric. Why do you think she felt that way? Have you ever felt threatened by someone’s talent or relationship with another person? How did you handle those emotions?
  4. Coco and Brent were pastors’ kids. Do you think there are too many expectations put on the children of pastors? Do you think part of Coco’s relationship problems with her parents stemmed from ministry roles and expectations?
  5. Coco made an idol of ballet. What idols have you been willing to sacrifice everything for? What happened?
  6. Amy remained Coco’s friend even though Coco did not return the sentiment at first. Have you ever had a friend like Amy? What makes a good friend?
  7. What are your thoughts using art, dance and drama as a form of worship?
  8. What was your favourite scene in Exit Stage Right and why?