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Beautiful Clouds

The sun rose this morning behind some clouds.  Pink was peeking out from behind bilious clouds with dark smudges in them.  Just above the rooftops the orange and yellow and red was there but was quickly being drowned out by the clouds.  Beauty was there, just not in the way I wanted or expected.  I wanted a sunrise in all it’s glory.  I was disappointed.

It took me a few minutes to adjust my eyes to see the glory that was there dancing in and out of the clouds.  The pink that was reflecting off the clouds.  The white wispy fluff mottled by darker more brooding fluff.  The clouds added a new perspective to the beauty.  You had to work a little harder to see it.  Open your mind to something new.


Beauty in the clouds.  Beauty in the mess.  Beauty in the ashes.  There is beauty to be discovered like a hidden treasure in almost all areas.  It takes the right kind of lenses to see it.  I’m not talking about rose-coloured glasses either.  Rather it’s eyes open wide, to the raw light of reality.  Open to newness, rebirth and rejuvenation.  Finding hidden beauty in the mess, like finding treasure, invigorates us, renews us, filling us with hope.  Filling us with gratitude.  Filling us with praise.

Some days I expect my life to be beautiful.  Bright and shiny.  This is unrealistic.  Gazing through rose-coloured specs!  For most of us, the bright and glittery days are there, they just don’t make up the majority of our days.

Many other days, the clouds roll in.  It doesn’t seem remotely pretty let alone beautiful.  It’s a matter of perspective really.  The clouds create a different beautiful.  We have to look for it.  Turn our thinking around.  It might be the varying shades of grey and white that create a silvery mosaic.  Or the dark clouds that blot out the sunset only to have the colour spill out from all sides of the cloud.  Like smashed jelly.  Maybe it’s the shadows jumping in and out of the light that causes joy.  Whatever, there’s beauty to be seen, received.  Are we willing to reach out and take it?