Asking for Directions

My scenery has changed this week. As I look out the windows, I see trees and cedars and I hear the waves crashing on the beach just beyond the front door. You can see the lake from the big front window. It’s a week to unwind, rejuvenate, and create. It’s a week I have begun … Continue reading Asking for Directions

Busy vs. Beloved

“The world pressures me to make things happen. Now. But when things don’t go as planned,I often try to regain control - by shutting down my heart.” Bonnie Gray, from her new book, Whispers of Rest   Wait! What? “But when things don’t go as planned, I often try to regain control - by shutting … Continue reading Busy vs. Beloved

Non-Mother’s Day

Can I tell you a secret? Most years I hate Mother’s Day.  There, I said it. And I’m a Mom. I understand what it’s like to want a child and not have one. I’ve hated those Mother”s Days too.  So I feel a little guilty because now that I am a mom I still don’t … Continue reading Non-Mother’s Day

Seeking His Face

I’m not a big socialite. But when I do venture out into the masses, I usually don’t go just for something to do. I go with a purpose. I am seeking someone or something. If I go to a party or a gathering, there is one person I will seek out. I scan the crowd … Continue reading Seeking His Face