The Beauty of Unique

Some people think I’m crazy because I like winter. There’s something magical about snow, especially the first snowfall. It falls like a blanket over the city, muting the noise and casting an ethereal beauty. If it’s nighttime it’s even better because the silence is deafening and the black night and white snow contrast each other … Continue reading The Beauty of Unique

Choosing What’s Important This Holiday Season

Can you feel the pressure mounting? The expectations rising? It’s that time of year again. The Christmas season. I never quite know how I’ll react to the holidays. Two years ago, I was ready early. I had the advent calendars made up and everything. It was a rare year. Last year, I barely got the … Continue reading Choosing What’s Important This Holiday Season

Three Years Later…

Cinder458: Your blogaversary is coming up, right? (From Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram) I was reminded today by my host site, it’s been three years today that I began blogging here. It made me think of the line above from a novel I recently read. “Blogaversary.” Three years can seem like a long time … Continue reading Three Years Later…

Turn Home

Home. What is your reaction to that word? I imagine there are as many different responses as people reading this blog. What got me thinking about home was the study of the prodigal and a very poignant scene in a book I read a few months back. The prodigal ran away from his home.  He … Continue reading Turn Home

The God Who Sees Us

No one ever told me that motherhood would be lonely. How could we possibly feel alone with kids hanging off our bodies, a constant dull roar in the background and the word “Mommy!” on repeat all day? But there it is. A lonely ache that nags as we push the stroller, change the soggy diaper … Continue reading The God Who Sees Us