Love Scared

I am continually amazed at what deep themes lie waiting to be discovered in young adult fiction.  (Now if you aren't a fan of YA fiction, don't leave just yet because there's more here than you realize.)  I recently read Katie Parker Productions, a series of books, by Jenny B. Jones. There were four books … Continue reading Love Scared

The Hidden

If you kill the good girl, then you at some point, you have to figure out the girl who is left behind. It’s a lot more difficult to do than it is to write it down here. It’s easier to hide behind the imposter. Or insert a new one. Walk away and leave the hidden … Continue reading The Hidden

TURN to Vulnerability

Vulnerability 1. The state of being vulnerable or exposed. Type of danger 2. Susceptibility to injury or attack. Type of weakness (according to This week I was doing some research for another writing project, and it had me reviewing notes from a Beth Moore Pastors’ Wives conference I attended back in 2009 in Nashville. … Continue reading TURN to Vulnerability