That Weird Girl #BellLetsTalk

I always thought I was just weird. That weird kid. A total spaz. It was a lie. But I believed it wholeheartedly. That’s why I love Bell Canada’s Let’s Talk day (#BellLetsTalk) which is today. Because it brings into the light something that has been hid too long in the dark. In shame. Covered in … Continue reading That Weird Girl #BellLetsTalk

TURN to Trust

She knew that the Lord would provide the strength to accomplish His purpose. I finally emptied and put away some goodies I had gotten at a conference. I'd looked through it previously but had not done anything with it except separate the books out and then everything got shoved back in the bag to … Continue reading TURN to Trust

TURNING TO: Something New

My boys are off skiing today with their school. It’s an annual field trip for the senior grades. They have never skied. My husband grew up near Quebec and skied a lot. We lived in a very flat area for most of their lives and it hasn’t been a priority since we moved. So they … Continue reading TURNING TO: Something New

The Invitation of Wide Open Spaces

When trouble surrounded me, I cried out to the Eternal; He answered me and brought me to a wide, open space.   Psalm 118:5-6 The Voice  We finally took down our Christmas tree. We left it up much later this year than is usual for us. We were savouring the lights in the early mornings and evenings. … Continue reading The Invitation of Wide Open Spaces

TURNING BACK: Finding What I Thought I’d Lost

The year ended, leaving me, with a surprise. I know it’s now the new year and we are supposed to be looking forward but before I do, I need to TURN BACK to the old year for a minute. I need to process something I wasn’t expecting. I found Christmas this year. I thought it … Continue reading TURNING BACK: Finding What I Thought I’d Lost

One Word (for 2016)

New year. New word. I was waffling about choosing a word this year. Wasn’t sure I’d get one. Maybe it was more that I didn’t want to sit still long enough to hear it. It was tempting to run from it. The whole word thing for me is more of an exercise in seeing from … Continue reading One Word (for 2016)