It’s an irritating thing. Made more annoying by the fact it’s happened a few times over the last few months. At least this time, I was somewhat forewarned. It’s one of those things about being married to the pastor. I’m not a big talker. I think things through, analyze them before most things come out … Continue reading Conspiracy

The Art of Rest

I recently had the opportunity to go away on a retreat for five whole days. It was a week away with some fellow writer friends. The plan was to get away to a cottage and write. No distractions. No other people to worry about and care for. Just us and our writing projects. I had … Continue reading The Art of Rest

The Power of Encouragement

Have you ever watched a playoff game where it's been a nail biter and now it's tied? The situation is tense. Both sides are collectively holding their breath. What I love most at this moment is the reaction of the crowd if the home team scores. One minute everything is dead silent and still. The … Continue reading The Power of Encouragement

Parenting, Gifts and Free Choice: How It’s All Connected

“Parents are always giving things that are not taken.” Reached by Ally Condie The quote is ironically, from a young adult novel. I don’t think until you become a parent, a mentor or some kind of authority figure in a young person’s life, that you realize how true this statement is. I think for most … Continue reading Parenting, Gifts and Free Choice: How It’s All Connected