BRAVE: Finding Those Kindred Spirits

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” - L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables There have been times in life when a friend, a kindred spirit seemed very far away. A loss, a move, a betrayal, we … Continue reading BRAVE: Finding Those Kindred Spirits

BRAVE: Clear Vision

Have you ever gotten a new prescription for glasses and the first time you put them on, your stomach lurched and your head spun? It felt like you were looking through a fingerprint smeared window? Ugh. I’m discovering that it’s not only new glasses that can cause your vision to distort, make you dizzy. Sometimes … Continue reading BRAVE: Clear Vision

Things I Learned at the Music Festival

As I filled out the form for the year of music lessons, the boxes for festival and exams stared back at me. For about 2 seconds, then I immediately checked NO. I hated playing in the festival and exams as a kid. My son was just starting piano lessons. Why would my son want to … Continue reading Things I Learned at the Music Festival

Why Getting Closer to God Is So Important

About a month ago, my husband was preaching a series called 20/20. This particular Sunday, his sermon was entitled, “Closely Set Apart.” I wrote down this quote. “Instead of figuring out how close we can get to sin without sinning, we look to how close we can get to God.” It echoed something I had … Continue reading Why Getting Closer to God Is So Important

Some Thoughts on Mary Magdalene

It’s been over two thousand years and still the rumours fly. There are so many falsehoods out there about Mary Magdalene that it’s hard to know what’s the truth unless you take the time to learn about her. Read the scriptures and a few commentaries. I’ve been doing some research on her over the last … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Mary Magdalene