BRAVE: At the Foot of the Cross

Did the wind whistle across the top of that hillside, over two thousand years ago? Or was it eerily quiet? A few moans, cries and the haggard breathing of the dying, the only sounds interrupting the loud silence? How many gawkers were there, looking for a cheap thrill? Gossips, wanting to get the scoop on … Continue reading BRAVE: At the Foot of the Cross

When Easter Sneaks Up On You

It’s been a while. The combination of spring break, other writing projects and living life in a busy household took over and time and creative energy was limited. I thought about blogging, I just never got to it. Suddenly, a couple of weeks have passed since I was here. The days have been slipping off … Continue reading When Easter Sneaks Up On You

Why I Love MOPS & Mom Groups

I have the privilege of speaking at a MOPS (MOTHERS OF PRESCHOOLERS) group at our former church in a couple of weeks.  As I’ve been thinking about what to say, I’ve been flooded with memories.  And I was blogging in my head so I figured I'd write it out.  So here it is. Let’s face … Continue reading Why I Love MOPS & Mom Groups

An Affair of the Heart

 "You found his heart faithful to you"  Nehemiah 9:8 The letters forming the words above, jumped off the page at me, as I read through the prayers of the Israelites in Nehemiah 9 for my study homework.  Even before I read what Kelly Minter had to say about it, I’d already underlined it in my … Continue reading An Affair of the Heart