Raising BRAVE Boys

My home is a battlefield.  If the boys are home, you will hear sounds of battle as Lego robots and mini-figs fight it out in their ships and cars.  My youngest son has mastered the sounds of rapid gunfire and other explosions.  Just the other day, a playmate was over and as they had a … Continue reading Raising BRAVE Boys

BRAVE: Fighting for Your Life

“I realize now how much courage it takes to choose the life you want, whatever it might be.”                                       (Reached, p. 471, by Ally Condie) If you journal, have you every gone back to read them?  I really … Continue reading BRAVE: Fighting for Your Life

The Heart That Really Matters

I’m not one to give much credence to man-made special days.  Like Valentine’s Day.  I wasn’t a great girlfriend and am probably one of the worst wives ever.  Just ask Mark what I gave him last Valentine’s Day.  Zip.  I feel like I’m being told I have to do something romantic.  So I do just … Continue reading The Heart That Really Matters

BRAVE: Owning Up

Do you ever have those days when you feel numb?  When you’d rather just go on doing what your doing and forget everything else? I’m not feeling particularly brave today.  Today, brave would mean owning up.  It would mean taking a hard look at stuff I’m quite comfortable keeping in the dark.  I’m avoiding doing … Continue reading BRAVE: Owning Up


It started with Veronica Roth’s trilogy, Divergent.  The addiction was subtle and quick.  I can’t stop reading these dystopian trilogies.  I’ve always loved young adult fiction and I can’t keep my hands off the “new” crop of titles.  (Some are not so new but when you have little kids, well, you lose about ten years … Continue reading Reroute