BRAVE: Why It Takes Courage to Yield

It’s an inverted triangle.  A street sign.  It can keep you safe as you drive but you have to obey it.  If you are in a hurry and ignore it, chances are the outcome could be messy. Yield.  In the rush, a yield sign makes us slow down.  Stop.  It makes us pause.  It makes … Continue reading BRAVE: Why It Takes Courage to Yield

The Move to Change

Three years. It’s seems like yesterday at the same time, I feel like I’ve lived several lives over that period.  It’s been that long since we tore our family from the longest roots we’d ever made and moved away.  As I’ve mentioned before, it wasn’t easy. Besides being a mother, it’s one of the hardest … Continue reading The Move to Change

Brave: Getting Back Up When We Fall Down

Have you broken your new year’s resolution yet?  Skipped your workout because it was too cold to walk from the house to the car?  Did the chocolate dessert woo you to the fridge and then actually call YOUR NAME?  Have you yelled at your kids and spouse even though you swore you’d stop? To be … Continue reading Brave: Getting Back Up When We Fall Down

BRAVE: Into the Unknown

I’m not sure if you’ve had the same experience but whenever I’ve made a decision to do something or make some kind of change, it’s always so much better if you’ve got company along the journey.  I subconsciously look for people who are in the same circumstances or journeying along the same path or better … Continue reading BRAVE: Into the Unknown

BRAVE Not-so-New World

Happy New Year!  I hope you have had a great celebration over the last couple of weeks.  I took a little time off.  I hope you had the chance to do likewise.  However it’s back to school, back to work and back to routine.  So here I sit. I’m not sure I really want to … Continue reading BRAVE Not-so-New World