The Scandal of Christmas

It’s nothing new. As I sat listening to my husband preach on Sunday (yes I do listen!) about Jesus loving all people and how we should follow His example, I was struck by the whole scandalous nature of Christmas. It’s nothing new. People have written and preached lots, on the scandal of Christmas over the … Continue reading The Scandal of Christmas

New Insights From An Old Story

My Mom passed me a book the other day on Mary.  Unafraid by Francine Rivers.  It’s a novella about the mother of Jesus.  It’s biblically based but there is some literary license to fill in some gaps. I like the title.  It’s not a characteristic that we normally associate with Mary, at least I don’t. … Continue reading New Insights From An Old Story

The Celebration of Christmas

Two weeks until Christmas.  Are you freaking out yet?  I am not. That’s not to brag.  It’s more a statement of pleasant surprise. Other years I was overwhelmed and ready to hide out somewhere.  It’s not that this Christmas season is any different.  In fact I am planning a birthday party for next week.  The.week.before.Christmas. … Continue reading The Celebration of Christmas

Mary’s Faith

Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.    Luke 1:45 Reading my Advent Devotional by Margaret Feinberg this morning, I came across this verse.  It burned into my mind. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was exceptional.  Told she would have a child, although she was a virgin … Continue reading Mary’s Faith

Where Advent and Christmas Really Reside

About this time of year, I usually feel like a failure.  Advents and Christmases past, have passed me by like a race car, leaving me in their little wisps of dust.  Gone before I could even get a handle on it. For many years, I haven’t enjoyed the Advent or Christmas season.  I felt overwhelmed … Continue reading Where Advent and Christmas Really Reside