The Fragrance of a Blossom

I have a choice to make. Erin Davis, in her book, Connected, wrote some words that jumped off the page and into my face and soul. They are about Haggar.  "She could have stayed by that stream, waiting for a different kind of comfort.  Pining for Sarai to come out and be her best friend. … Continue reading The Fragrance of a Blossom

The Freak-o-meter

I’m just about ready to overshoot my freak-o-meter.  Would you care to join me?  Are you feeling it too? Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about and you are asking your self,  What is a freak-o-meter?  A freak-o-meter measures the intensity of a freak out. As I said I am about to overshoot … Continue reading The Freak-o-meter

What a Pair of Rain Boots Taught Me

I sorted clothing in piles.  Towels, swimsuits, T-shirts, shorts, a pair of jeans all sat on the floor.  He read the list back to me and we double-checked it.  Check, check and double-check!  Everything accounted for but the boots.  I washed the mud off them and wiped them dry and set them in the sun. … Continue reading What a Pair of Rain Boots Taught Me