The Tale of Two Disciples

My favourite disciple is Peter.  The fact that he was like a bull in a china shop at times, endears him to me.  I’ve felt and acted like that too.  Charging into conversations, situations without thinking, just reacting.  Words popping out of my mouth before I can even think them over.  Saying I’d NEVER....only to … Continue reading The Tale of Two Disciples

Who We “Get to See”

  I was cleaning out a bookcase today and I found this gem.   It’s not like it was lost.  I knew it was there, I just hadn’t looked at it lately.  It is symbolic to me in many ways. I got to see Karen Kain dance her farewell tour.  I use the word “I … Continue reading Who We “Get to See”

More Part 2

Do I love Jesus more than all? The only way to answer that question with a “yes” requires something I don’t do really well.  In society today it’s a four letter word (even though it’s ten letters). Submission. Releasing control or going against my own desires is a foreign state of being for me.  It’s … Continue reading More Part 2


“Who do you love more?” It’s a question that has been flitting in and out of my mind for months.  No, it’s not a choice between children or people.  It’s a question that God has been asking me for months.  Who do you love more, Me or....?”  Fill in the blank. As I’ve studied the … Continue reading MORE PART 1

Why I Need to Rethink Interruptions

The marathon of March break has begun.  Right at the same time as reading through the New Testament in 40 days with Margaret Feinberg.   Awesome.  I’m going to have so much spare time during spring break!  In addition I’ve got a head cold.  What a super start to the break! On Monday as I’m getting … Continue reading Why I Need to Rethink Interruptions

Potholes, First Response and Lent

  I’m not sure about where you live but our roads are full of potholes!  Ones that make you go ouch! and hope and pray that your tires and underside are still there!  The deep freeze of 2014 has caused major upheaval on our roads.  Potholes can bang your car around, cause major damage to … Continue reading Potholes, First Response and Lent