What coping mechanisms do you use when trying something new? Do you dive right in or do you wait, think things through? Are you paralyzed by fear? When I try a new skill, and it’s underlined with fear, I procrastinate. For the last two days, I’ve put off a task I need to do. It involves a story board and sticky notes. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Not really, but in my world it’s making me anxious.  A silver lining of the pandemic in an otherwise moth-eaten year, is the availability of online learning. I’ve taken a number of writing courses

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I thought it was dead but I was wrong.  On the stalk where I’d cut a head of lettuce a few days before, new leaves


Who is your hero? What qualities make them a hero? I wondered about that term – we wield it so casually in our world. The


Over the last few years there has been one message that has rung in my ears like church bells echoing on a Sunday morning across

Doubting Trust

Today’s headlines read from some action movie or sci-fi novel don’t they? Pandemic. That word used to cause the blood running through my veins to

My Top Ten Reads of 2019

I’m a little late posting this because work, Christmas, a birthday, sickness, and New Year’s Eve get-together, all conspired to keep me busy but it