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Thank you for stopping by. I’m Jennifer Willcock, the author of the award-winning young adult fiction Exit Stage Right as well as Whole: Hope for the Broken Pastor’s Wife.

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Coco loves to dance. And she's willing to sacrifice everything, and everyone, to get it. But in going after what she wants, will she lose the things that matter most?

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My Top 10 YA Books of 2020

It’s been a year obviously, but if there is a silver lining it’s all the extra reading time that a lockdown brings. Did you make


What coping mechanisms do you use when trying something new? Do you dive right in or do you wait, think things through? Are you paralyzed

When We Feel like Something's Missing from Christmas

Our tree is still in its box, huddled in the corner of the basement with all the decorations. It’s going to stay there a few more days because there’s work, basketball games and Christmas music concerts. Did I want to write a few cards for friends in far flung places? Maybe. Baking? Haha – don’t make me laugh. My arm has to be twisted at the best of times to pull out the mixing bowls and cookie sheets. With little time left and lots to do? Not happening.

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